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Changes to bus #145/48…we need your help!

I recently contacted the Alderman’s office regarding the pending changes to the critical bus line that services so many of us, below was the response. Please contact the CTA to let them know you don’t want this service to discontinue. I am optimistic that the more voices they hear, the more chance we have to save it. Thanks so much!

“Alderman Pawar is extremely disappointed with the CTA’s decision on this. We believe that this cut is going to severely impact many residents and businesses in our ward who depend on routes slated to be cut like the #11 Lincoln and #145 Wilson express buses. We fought very hard to express this to CTA President Claypool and the board. The Alderman had been on the phone with the board members before the vote stressing the impact of these cuts and despite our efforts, wrote formal letters, and gave testimony alongside the thousands of residents who responded to this, the CTA board approved their plan for efficiency, disregarding the impacts to the community.

We will continue to appeal to the CTA that these cuts will be detrimental to many residents of the community and should be reconsidered.

You and your neighbors should continue to let the CTA know how these cuts affect you, you can email You can also email President Claypool and the board through CTA Secretary Longhini at to express your concerns as well. Or call 312-681-5022. To submit a written statement other than email you can send a fax to: 312-681-5035 or mail: Gregory Longhini, Office of the Secretary, CTA Headquarters, 567 W. Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60661.

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