Exciting New things for Spring 2013

Hello Neighbors!

I hope you are well. I first wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped make the First Annual East Ravenswood Neighbors Potluck a huge success. We had so much fun meeting so many new faces at Lillstreet’s new meeting space, Lillstreet Loft.

On Tuesday, June 4th at 6:30PM at the Sulzer Library auditorium there is a neighborhood meeting about the brewpub that is going in on Ravenswood near Leland on the west side of the tracks. If you have any questions about the brewpub please contact Ernie Constantino Director of Constituent Services 47th Ward Alderman Pawar’s, 773-549-4555

Thirdly, the 47th Ward Council met recently to discuss the aldermanic menu and fixes that are going to happen this year based on the neighborhood audits…please click here to view the presentation.

In short, using constituent feedback from 2012, City 311 Data, 80 block audits from neighborhood groups and over 1500 votes from 47th Ward residents, Ald. Pawar has decided on how to spend our $1.32 million in menu funds for the coming year. The presentation details the process and which projects have been selected. With over $8 million dollars of work identified on the preliminary list, we were not able to complete each project. Projects not completed this year will be kept to be put on next year’s list.

In our neighborhood, the 4500 N. alley between Hermitage and Paulina and the 4600 N. alley between Paulina and Ashland have been slated for resurfacing. The alley apron (the space where the alley connects with the road) at 4559 N. Hermitage and 1616 W. Wilson will also be addressed. On Ashland at Sunnyside there will be lines painted in the crosswalk to make drivers more aware of the pedestrian traffic. Also, the 4600 N. block of Ravenswood will have 50 new parking spots where the CTA bus turnaround was located.

If you want to see more done in our neighborhood, I can’t stress to you enough how important the block audits are to make your opinion heard. Also, they look at the 311 reports, so if you see something don’t hesitate to let them know as well.

An exciting thing that is coming to our neighborhood is the bike share program that is launching in Chicago this summer. There will be 4000 bikes at 200 solar powered stations around the city of which there will be about 22 stations in the 47th ward especially at El stops. Please click here to learn more.

The Alderman was very disappointed to be unable to save the #145 Clarendon/Wilson bus and the #11 Lincoln Bus. He is however very excited about the Bus Rapid Transit that will be going in along 16 miles of Ashland from 95th Street up to Irving Park. The Ashland bus is the busiest in the city. Construction will not go beyond Irving Park because there was an ordinance passed in the 1920s that restricted heavy construction and vehicles over 5 tons north of Irving Park along Ashland because of the soil and the age of the buildings. To learn more about the planning, please click here.

Lastly, it’s time to get a new city sticker…click here to learn how to get one before July 15th…The Ward office is holding it’s sale on Saturday, June 15th at Sulzer Library.

I hope everyone has a wonderful end of school year and an exciting start to summer!



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