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Aldermanic Menu…Vote on What Gets Fixed!

From Tuesday, March 5th until Tuesday, March 19th, the 47th Ward office will have an online survey open where all 47th Ward Residents can vote on which aldermanic menu projects they would like to see completed.  You may vote for as many or as few projects as you would like.  The tallies from this vote will help the office determine which projects to include in this year’s menu submission.  Voters will need to enter their name and address along with either an email or phone number.  Anyone who doesn’t have access to a computer can call the 47th Ward Office or come in and they will provide you with a paper copy. 

To cast your vote online please click here.

Now, there are a few caveats.  First, we only have $1.3 million dollars to spend.  The entire preliminary list as it stands now would cost around $4 million to complete.   It is also likely that this list will grow in the next week.  Second, we haven’t received final info on the menu program for this year.  It is not clear which items will be available so some of this is subject to change.  Third, a project getting, let’s say, 10,000 votes would not ensure its inclusion – rather it will be another data point for us to consider as we cull this list down to the projects for 2013 using block audits, 311 and other data from the city.

Please let Jim Poole,, know if you have any questions or encounter any issues.  Another Ward Council Meeting in early April to discuss the final menu for 2013 with everyone.