Rescheduled Ward Council Meeting #7

Hey Neighbors,

My apologies for my absence, summer is my busy season for work as I have been participating in outdoor Art Fairs around the country. I was able to attend the last meeting but nothing really happened. It was taken over by concerns about the zoning committee’s review of affordable housing development in the Ward so none of the agenda was discussed. Many people were feeling like there was a major lack of communication, but the office said that it was a two-way street. They keep inviting participation, but don’t get a big response. Many areas don’t even have a Ward Council representative.

Because the process is different than with the previous Alderman, there seems to be an issue of trust in the new way and the Alderman was urging us to engage in his process. He is as transparent as he can be, and needs constituent involvement. They are creating many councils for neighbor input including a Senior Council which we discussed at our meeting (they are still looking for members) and a Green Council.

They have rescheduled the 7th Ward Council meeting for Wednesday, August 1 at 6:30pm at Bethany Retirement Community Auditorium, 4950 N. Ashland.  They have a parking lot on Paulina; just west of Ashland. 

At the meeting they will discuss the ways the 47th Ward office is involving neighbors including what they envision the Ward Council to be.

As for the specific questions I have recently received from neighbors:

1. Wilson Metra Closure until August. You can find more about the project by clicking here.

2. Parking Permit Zoning:

Changes went into effect on July 15th. If your street had a number change, and the sign does not reflect this, please contact to let him know.

3. Ravenswood Hospital:

The crime has been an issue and they were working very hard to start demo even though construction on the school won’t start until 2014. Last week they were scheduled to start the phased demolition. Starting inside with asbestos abatement and critical barriers, they will strip everything but the structure until Labor Day. At that point, they will begin working on the tower. They are confident that by February the entire structure will have disappeared and it will be an empty lot eliminating crime. The school is planned to open in the Fall of 2015.

3. Mariano’s

It took awhile for it to go through the CDC and now it is in the City Council. They hope to break ground in October with an opening sometime in 2013.


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