Ward Council Meeting #5 Summary

Here is a short summary of the Ward Council Meeting on April 12, 2012. These were written by Dara Salk, 47th Ward Community Liason. My apologies for the tardiness, but I just received them and have been out of town so much this month that I haven’t had the chance to transcribe my notes.

1. We heard about the $750,000 capital campaign at the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club. They
have been stalwarts in the neighborhood since the 1960’s. They continue to positively influence
the lives of the thousands of kids who come attend the programming provided there.
They have raised $500,000; if you are looking for a worthy organization to support – this is one.

2. Alderman Pawar described the Aldermanic Menu. Per the new menu policy of the City it must
be spent down 100% every year. There has been and will continue to be a great deal of thought
given to where and how this money is spent. For instance: if a street is scheduled for sewer
work next year, curbs won’t be done this year. Saving money by coordinating the work being
done in the ward is a priority.
The Alderman’s office welcomes your input and will continue to ask for your Block Audits yearly.

3. Jim Poole gave us more specifics on the Aldermanic Menu – all of this specific information will
be on our website. CAPS Meetings are held monthly.
Please see the schedule on our website and ask if one of your neighbors would like to be your
representatives at CAPS meetings. Jim also recommends that you register your group with CAPS
for communication, programming and resources out of the CAPS office. CAPS helps fight crime
in the area, set up neighborhood watch groups and educate us on how to stay safe.

4. Karen Kolb from our newly formed Senior Council updated us on the work that group is doing to
make “aging in place” easier, healthier and more of a priority for all of us to be aware of. If there
is a member of your group or perhaps your block coordinator could be aware of where the older
adults are in the neighborhood and make an effort to include them in neighborhood activities
and know if they would like to be on your email list or become a part of a phone tree if they
aren’t on the internet.

5. CUB – Citizen’s Utility Board – is beginning an initiative in our ward – the first ward in the city!
Saving money, saving energy can be as painless as signing up online for ideas, coupons and a
simple way to actually track the money you are saving. Each neighborhood group has their own
spot where you can sign up

I believe it is time for another meeting to discuss the above items and a few other things. I am securing a place and I will keep you updated. The next Ward Council Meeting will assess the Ward Council and is planned for Wednesday, May 16th at St. Ben’s Social Hall from 6:30-8:00pm.

Thanks so much!


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