Block Audit Deadline This Week and Spring Cleaning

Hello Neighbors!

Happy Spring!!! What a wonderful Spring we are having. I hope you’ve been enjoying it:)

I wanted to touch base about a few things:

1. The Block Audits are due this week. If you haven’t already done one, please do so. They take about 15 minutes and it is very important that our collective voice be heard, especially on the stuff that needs fixing. The more people who participate the better. If you can’t get it in by tomorrow, it’s better late than never:) We all really appreciate your participation. You can download it from this website, in the Ward Links section to the right.

2. There is a Ward Council meetingWednesday, April 11 from 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM at the Neighborhood Boys & Girls Club, 2501 W. Irving Park…As always, all 47th Ward residents are welcome to attend. Click here for the Agenda of the 5th Ward Council Meeting.

3. Spring Clean and Green, the citywide beautification and clean-up is coming up on April 21st. If you are interested in beautifying a corner in our neighborhood Dara Salk at the Ward office can help you get volunteers, materials, and tools. Please contact her at by April 13th. Click here to learn more: Clean & Green 2012 Flyer

4. I was walking by the Cultural Center last week and noticed they were cleaning spray paint graffiti from the stone building. I asked them what they were using that was working so well. They showed me a can of Claire Mark and Stain Remover. They said you could get it at any industry cleaning supply store, but I saw you can get it online for about $5 for a can. Since 311 is slow to respond to graffiti, it’s in our hands to get rid of it. Thanks for your help in doing so…

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