Police redistricting to go into effect this weekend…

Hi Everyone!

There is a Ward Council Meeting next week, click: Agenda 4th Ward Council to see what we’ll be talking about. Alderman Pawar is most interested in knowing how the Block Audits are coming along so please let me know. And if you haven’t yet, please fill one out and return it to the Ward office. You can download it here. Should you need printed copies I can make some for you, so please don’t hesitate to contact me. The Ward Council meeting will take place Tuesday, March 6, 6:30 pm at Pilgrim Lutheran Church 4300 N. Winchester. As always, you are more than welcome to join us.

I also wanted to forward a letter from the Chicago Police Department about the redistricting…

Last week the Chicago Police Department informed members of the 19th District that 03 March 2012 will be the last day the current 19th district facility will be used by the officers who patrol this area.

Beginning on 04 March 2012, all police matters that involve the 19th district will be addressed at the police station located at 850 W. Addison . This facility will be the home of the newly redistricted 19th district that will include both the former 19th district and the 23rd district. This will result in one police district with the following boundaries:


                                                                                North:                 Lawrence Avenue

                                                                                South:                 Fullerton Avenue

                                                                                East:                     Lake Michigan

                                                                                West:                   Chicago River


As a result of this combination of districts, all the current beats will be replaced by new beats with new boundaries and beat numbers. The beat meetings that have already been scheduled for 19th district residents will continue to be held through June so you can be informed as to your new beat number and beat boundaries, along with providing you with any other information as it becomes available.

 As of today, the department has not announced who the Commander of the new 19th district will be. The current staff of the 19th district Community Policing office should be available at the new station to assist you as they have in the past with any community issue. The phone number to the Community Policing office is 312 744 4247. The phone number to the new district desk is 312 744 8320.

Finally, I will not be assigned to the new district. It has been a pleasure to work with you in our combined efforts to address the issues in our community and I am proud of the success we have been able to enjoy. I hope each of you remains active in your community and continues to work with your new district’s Community Policing office to ensure your district remains the great place to live that you have made it….



 Lt. John E. Willner

District 019

2452 W. Belmont Ave.

Chicago, Il. 60618

312 744 5574 Office

312 744 3103 Fax



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