CAPS meeting Recap, Beat 1922

There were about 10 citizens in attendance and two officers. The officers handed out a lot of brochures regarding safety and crime prevention. Here’s what the officers of beat 1922 had to say:

Out of the 9383 arrests in the city, 45 were made in our beat since the last CAPS meeting in August.

All crimes are down this year except for robbery and theft. The officers said that with the holidays coming and the economy continuing to be down, we need to exert extra awareness and common sense. Have packages mailed with a signature confirmation helps prevent theft from porches.

Use your eyes and ears. Don’t assume someone else is calling about the crime. Even if they are you should call, too! The more tips, the more the police are aware. They would rather get 20 calls than none.

Ways to tip the police:

  • Call: 311 for police non-emergencies like filing a police report after a crime has occurred and the offender is gone. For example, if your bike was stolen or if you discovered someone has vandalized your house or garage while you were out. Also call 311 to report other service needs as well such as garbage cans, potholes and alley lights.
  • Call 911 only when the there is an emergency or if you see a crime in progress. If you wish to remain anonymous to the police when calling 911, you must request it to the dispatch every time you call.
  • Text: The CPD created the TXT2TIP program so that citizens can anonymously and safely help rid our community of crime by sending information directly to the department via a text message from a cellular phone.

Here’s how to text CPD:

1. Make a new text or SMS text

2. Enter 274637 (CRIMES) in the “To” line

3. In the message box, type the word CPD, a space and then your crime tip information.

4. Hit “send”

CPD offers cash rewards of up to $1000 for information leading to an arrest.

Another tip for crime prevention: The police were able to clear 25 theft cases by people engraving their information in an inconspicuous place on TVs, computers, and other expensive household items with a license number. You can borrow one from the police station. They said you’d be surprised how often things turn up.

The new district office will cover Lake to River Fullerton to Lawrence with it’s headquarters on Halsted and Addison. There will be 400 officers, which is the combined force of the two districts.

Tagging is part of living in the city. With budget cuts, Graffiti Blasters will be slowing down their response time. The officers suggested trying Goo Gone, turpentine, or other paint removers. Depending on what surface material the vandalism occurred, different procedures may be necessary.

The next Beat 1922 CAPS meeting is tentatively scheduled for February 15th, 2012. Meetings will be held quarterly. If you have any questions or concerns before the next meeting please contact the Community Policing office at 312.744.5574. If it is an emergency or  there is a crime in progress please call 911.


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